Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Communicate a message universally, without using words.

My idea for this YCN brief is to create a collection of diagrams, information graphics,
that tell our story as animals, as a society, as beings.

A visual encyclopedia of how did we got here.
A timeline that tells our story.

These seperate diagrams could fit together in a timeline when assembled.
Separately they would fit in a carefully designed package.

The diagrams would include elements that define us, like
the way we always lived as a society where few have a bigger
influence on the lives of many *Ex. pyramidal shapes instantly
communicate hierarquy systems


universal human contradictions like, the way we are the only animals
in this planet that seem to mantaine an un-sustainable relation with
the planet.
document facts that altered us forever ( not necesserelly for the good),
like the discoveries when few nations influenced the lives of many others
forever *Many ways to comunicate like a world map thatshows the
roots from the main ports of the time, like today´s flights destinations.

Another way to put it is:

If an alien would find such box he would have a picture of who we are
as another civilization.

Example of good box finishing

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