Friday, 15 February 2008

RCA brief - Infoskin: London

Infoskin: London

Contextualizing London´s streets through the use of pertinent graphic signage.

55% of Londoners look to the floor while walking.
This is a time of a certain sleepwalking state that could be maximized.

For this RCA project i intend to produce a series of interventions that consist in graphics, signs and other forms of visual communication to contextualize what people see in such sleepwalking moments.

Such forms of information can be as diversed as the display of info regarding elements allready present in the urban landscape as well as references to places in the "above the floor" world.

Reference 2

Fight Club scene.
Cataloguing of space around

References on information graphics

Royksopp - Remind Me

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Communicate Today!

I will create a group of diagrams and information graphics that define aspects of our global society today.

In order to keep the concept and it’s potential of communication I´ve set the parameter of time within the concept.
Before the idea was quite broad, images could range from things that happen today to historical events. By focusing on today I will be able to carefully define the information that best describes KEY ASPECTS of our global society and effectively provide an insightful view of today, without using words.

Without using words, examples of globalism today:

Statistical information can be manipulated in order to achieve communication without the use of words:

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Communicate a message universally, without using words.

My idea for this YCN brief is to create a collection of diagrams, information graphics,
that tell our story as animals, as a society, as beings.

A visual encyclopedia of how did we got here.
A timeline that tells our story.

These seperate diagrams could fit together in a timeline when assembled.
Separately they would fit in a carefully designed package.

The diagrams would include elements that define us, like
the way we always lived as a society where few have a bigger
influence on the lives of many *Ex. pyramidal shapes instantly
communicate hierarquy systems


universal human contradictions like, the way we are the only animals
in this planet that seem to mantaine an un-sustainable relation with
the planet.
document facts that altered us forever ( not necesserelly for the good),
like the discoveries when few nations influenced the lives of many others
forever *Many ways to comunicate like a world map thatshows the
roots from the main ports of the time, like today´s flights destinations.

Another way to put it is:

If an alien would find such box he would have a picture of who we are
as another civilization.

Example of good box finishing